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Two Years Ago: I’m a freelance writer and an ardent feminist. I’ve never tried anal, give lackluster blowjobs, and am self-conscious about all things relating to both sex and my body.

Now: I’m a domesticated housewife, pregnant with her first child. Just this side of misogynistic. A humiliation-craving, anal sex addict, who works on her deepthroat skills daily, and who has pimped out other women to her husband.

Thanks, Tumblr.

Fucking Hot…

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lammy96 asked: Love the blog! My girlfriend caught me out texting another girl that send me some nudes that I masturbated to without her knowing. She woke me up in the middle of the night and raised her concerns. I was very off with her as I was tired. We ended up having sex after I tried to push her away. She said it excited her that I was talking to another girl. That she had to fight for me and to please me. This excites me so much and I want more. Do you think I could have a cuckquean on my hands? Tips?

Hot! Yeah just keep your expectations realistic and remember to always let your gf know how much you value your relationship. For me I feel its about trust that I know my boyfriend will stay with me and love and nurture our relationship.. Even though he deserves better ;)

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Anonymous asked: I have a dream regularly that as a cuckquean I'm made to be the surrogate for my bf and keep, her eggs his sperm, so that she doesn't lose her figure or tightness. They also keep having sex whilst I'm huge and laughed at.


Oh yes, this is so sexy! I have had this fantasy a lot too. I need to write something about it…

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Watching Daddy make an okcupid account!!

-insert an ecstatic Elf gif here-

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I was tied spread eagle, pressed into the bed by their combined weight. The thrusting above me slowed for a minute. The only acknowledgement I received for my suffering was a hand clamping down on my mouth and his voice growling in my ear.

“Shut up. Keep your crying to yourself. She and I are busy.”


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"The best smell in the world is that man that you love."

Jennifer Aniston

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Anonymous asked: What intimidates me about ‘cakes is their robust sexuality. They open themselves to men they don’t love and aggressively satisfy them. I have no idea how to do that. I can’t even do it for my husband. But I am drawn to it, and when they patronize me & treat me as pathetic, I really feel I deserve it. I love being in that place of inferiority. It’s very symbolic when they rub wet pussy all over my face.


Agreed. It’s hard to get into their headspace (while I imagine it isn’t hard for them to, if not enter, at least understand ours). It is admirable, and I think, as you say, that’s a big part of why we are drawn to them. Thanks for the message, and enjoy remaining happily in your place at the bottom of the totem pole.

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