He’s gone to walk the dog. He’ll be 20 minutes. He’s left His phone next to me. I pick it up and bite my lip. I’m scared of what I’ll find if I look. I also know He has a password on it. I take some guesses. My third guess is correct and I’m in. I wasn’t planning on this… There’s an unread message…

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Anonymous said: I'm so thankful I found this blog. I honestly never thought I'd be able to get married. The thought of fucking the same woman even after she's become old and completely used up repulsed me. But now I'll happily marry a completely submissive woman, use her up completely, then cuck her and replace her with a 20-something bimbo to pleasure me like I deserve. Thank you so much!


I’ve heard similar things from a lot of men. While I can’t understand the panic that many men seem to feel at the prospect of monogamy, I can sympathize with their need for variety. I hope you find the submissive woman of your dreams, and that she happily shares you and is constantly grateful for the fact that you took her in and take care of her.

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please kik me if you’re not boring as fuck…

Apparently I need to tell people that my submission is earned.. if you’re going to send lame messages like “give me a pic” or “i love ur body” I don’t really care and probably won’t reply. Looking for conversations with substance… kik is Juliaxo93

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kik me pweeeeze?

kik- Juliaxo93

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kik me? :)

kik-  Juliaxo93

especially anyone who’s messaged me on there before. Had to rest my kik and lost everything months ago

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Anonymous said: I know that I'm a super ugly, flat-chested, fat bitch who only deserves to lick the dirt off the boots of REAL women. I have already decided never to try to get a boyfriend since I am obviously a sad pathetic excuse for a woman and do not deserve one. I know my place in this world, which is to serve my bimbo superiors. But I don't know how to go about this for I don't know any bimbos I can serve. Since I am obviously inferior, what can I do to serve my only purpose in this world?


We shall open this one up to the floor. Suggestions for how this useless troll can best be put in her place please and we will post the best ones

get active on fetlife for sure! I’m sure there are groups for this

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kik- Juliaxo93

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Love you all

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Love this

Love this

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A Quick Use 


K texted me today saying He wanted to use me this evening. As my health has been generally okay (and i hadn’t cum for over 3 weeks) i agreed. Just before He arrived i started worrying and regretting it as His texts are always so harsh and intense, but when He arrived most of that went away.

As i…

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